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So I’m not doing my homework which involves reading. And even though I love to read good books I don’t like to read things that I don’t want to.I was thinking that maybe if I though of reading as an art, I would enjoy it more. So is it an art? I know that writing is art, but i wonder if reading is. I guess it’s the same thing as looking at a painting. Is there art in appreciating art ?? It does take personal input, and emotion, and each appreciator carries with them the baggage of their own life’s experience. And it is different for each individual. Hmm. Just a thought.


The Art of Performing

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I’ve sort of taken an unintended vacation from my cozy little blog. Truth is, the school musical and other musical events are taking up all of my waking hours and when I’m not playing, I’m trying to get the tunes out of my head while I catch up on Math homework or even better, sleep. And since my world is all a-buzz with musical thoughts that is naturally where I will begin to spill, hoping it’s blog-worthy.

I was watching Bluefield’s musical the other night, Fame, and it was astounding. I’m really starting to appreciate all of the different parts of theatre arts, and how much it takes to put togther a show that will only entertain for about two short hours.

I’ve found some images that capture the moments of endless practice and behind-the-scenes routine

The list to end all lists

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It’s getting a bit late in the March break to be doing my homework but hey, I’m here right? So over the past week I was doing some art (outside in the sunshine, by the way) and I got to thinking about nature and all that jazz, naturally. And I was deciding what my absolute favorite place in the world would be. And so I made a list:

1) Brackley Beach in the morning, where the only sounds are the waves and the sun is just rising and the seals are chirping and whatnot

2) The moores in England, when all you can see is green and all you can feel is wind and you feel like you could be in any time period, because the only living beings that care that you are around are the grumpy (but awesome) sheep

3) The roof of Shaw’s Hotel on the first day of spring

4) The fields in Tracadie at 6 pm in August

5) Under that big tree in the backyard, on the hottest day of the year

And I realized that all of these (well almost all) are ideal for painting, drawing, writing songs, poems, etc. All of these places I have been to, but some I will not be back to for a while; it was sort of a one time thing, you know? But in some ways that makes them even greater. Anyway, thinking about this list I was inspired to try to create some kind of memoire, image, anthem, to each place. I’ll get back to you when I complete this.

Meanwhile, you can get busy on your list.


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So sometimes I forget that music is art. And lately I’ve been forgetting the good things about this small place. My new favorite song says it all. The artist is from here, and he doesn’t let me forget my attachment to this little island.

Procrastination leads to art issues

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So I know it’s a Saturday night and I’m doing homework. Sad. But welcome to the life of IB! …and procrastination….

Because all of the other things we do in school are…concrete, I always save Art homework for the last, because it is simply the most bestest funnest kind of homework to do (which basically makes it not even homework at all, but anyway). And because we have to do one post a week, I’ve decided to rant about art, art class, art everything. Partly because I’m frustrated with the way by mind is at war with my Biology homework and my Math skills are a little sketchy.

I love art because it is free. Not in cost, I mean, but as in I feel free with art. When I go to start a new piece I always say to myself “think of the craziest, biggest, most insane

The Art

idea you can, because there are no limits, it is art, and I am free “. Art is not  concrete and it doesn’t judge and there are no rules.

And I’ve found an utterly perfect example of just how googly art can be.

Melancholy Art

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I’m doing a project for English class involving the Holocaust, and in research I’ve come across a lot of horrific images. The emotions that they invoke are indescribable. It seemed to prove to me the real power of an image. I also came across some poetry created by people remembering the victims of the Holocaust. But what struck me the most was a man who’s father was an ally soldier in Italy during the occupation. He returned home with a camera from a Nazi soldier, with its film intact. The pictures were just ordinary images of this nameless soldier and his friends and the like. The fact that this Nazi soldier’s pictures made it back home with an enemy soldier and were shared with the next generation fascinated me. It almost hints at proving that maybe, just maybe, humans are all the same, regardless of which ‘side’ they stand for…

A Knife in a Fishbowl

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I am torn on this one. I think it is symbolic, of potential and the symbolic qualities that we all associate with knives. But as Animal rights groups argue, it’s “a sick and pointless spectacle”, and..
“It ‘s pathetic. It shows a complete poverty of imagination and a vast amount of callousness. It ‘s not art.”.

I think that although it may have specific reasoning and symbolic meaning, this is more a way of getting attention.